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Nigeria I Waill Thee: New Nasty Taste from Nigeria By Olarotimi Onayemi

New Nasty Taste from Nigeria By Olarotimi Onayemi Apart from all what you know or do not know about Nigeria, continue to note that the so-called Democratşc regime in Nigeria now or in the past are andwere worse than The Legendary Juntas of Coup d'Etat infamy. The immediate and extended families are either broken; in a schism of 'haves' and 'have nots' as well as insinuations on where to go to divest the government or looking for a way out. This dystopic picture prevails and must on the government which sourcces its workers and developers on sustainably or 'rub my back and I rub your back' jingles, jargons, slogans or logos. The Kick-Back, Bribery and Corruğtion, White Lies in the World's most populous Black or African Nation is a no-go area for Obama but investors have a base of who complies wth theır whims, w,ts and capr,ces but Sustainable Development needs a boost bigger than Asian Tigers, Russian Bulls sorry Bears and Korean Strongheadedness on nothing but shame. The United nations should stop and that is hard to stop Bretton Woods and Woodrow Wilson's swiss Legacy of BIG TALK, NO ACTION AND ACTION ONLY ON OPEN-ENDED DISCUSSION GROUPS. I conclude with the word 'sick' in English and not that 'sic' that is 'irrelevant'. Telling lies and living on it has a religious aspect and it does not affect the will or wish or a confirmed alienation from reproach as the crime or sin or irreverence for humanism, humanity, your constitution, our constitution ? Whatever... help... Everyone is on transit.

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GIRL Fights off the DEMONS

Sunday, July 4, 2010


The novel and all unreals Works of life which includes everything outside daily household, pleasure-household and work-household activities are absolutely unnecessary in making commentaries about or analyzing life, death and life ater death.
Are you out of your mind?
I’m sure you are.
I don’t know what this is. So tell me how to enjoy our work of art.
Science, social science, phlosophy, demonstration against, for, with and bla-bla-bla.
I can…
I kind of know you don’t like me.
Where I come from we are like God.
We don’t talk to people we don’t like.
There is absolutely nothing you can use to convince your enemy or the-hated, you mother –fucking racist coward without giving it away and giving it away.Unless the-hated is a bloody fool.
To speak about and kill your unfounded interest in omnipotence and the rival of omnipotence once and for all time and eternity: Nothing can come against The Omnipotent God The Jockey, did you say The Omnipotent Devil or The Joker.
This is God, so therefore, what is the Devil all about.

We wait for them at The Gates of Mushrooms.
If they ever come back to their senses we give them some more.
Did you in your infinite intelligence give mushrooms to Everyday People?
Did they take it from you in their infinite stupidity without reading ‘Olobirin Ojowu’ – ‘The Jealous Woman’ in Yoruba-Ijebu Philosophy otherwise known as Myth, to me.
Not really, I just showed them what is the dfference between misery and opulence.
The extreme factor, faction and fiction of the eventual creation of paradise on Earth
When people do not start from Tabula Rasa and end-up in Nirvana or vice versa.
Shikena (Finito in Hausa language)
İbid and ibne (Homosexual in Turkish)
I would say there is no reason whatsoever to wait here again
I am going to put my honour on the line and make you see the reason for been born as a bourgeois
Since you have to come close to what you want to build, re-build or destroy
Like houses, machine and social inequality.
I mean, the unemployed composed a song and poem of love in a Trailer Park and moved into the abandoned Governor’s Lodge?
Is this success or The Establishment of Betrayal
Even in Gold

She agreed
Oh my Piety!
They are printing Money in Switzerland
I have stopped wondering like Lacan and Neto
I have a plan
The Anarchist Machine and The Emission of The Stockholm Syndrome

Wait a Biety!
We shall come back to The Trinity and The Largest Council of Fools In High Places
And The Impossibility of The Dream of Equal Rights And Justice
Until Full Employment.
Makes every baby to be born with a silver spoon in a golden mouth, which is directly proportional to a Smart Phone
Call me?
No, I will call you.
You want me?
I don’t think so, I have lost interest in fools.
Meet me at The Gates
Not anymore.

That is the password.
Open and Close like Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.
I can’t believe it: I saw him in a dream.
That was buried in a basket?
That was the Nemesis of Tyranny?
That was was and was not what we wanted.
Unfinished business.
As far as it gets
In a chain of lives
The consolation of the poor.
Can you imagine what king of awards we shall give to The Unknown Scientist who could have discovered The Internet Syndrome but did not?
A slap on the butt.
I have a kindergatten
In Rosengarten for you
To say you always go down the road of doom
And you are on a Foti Yiaz Voyage Encore
Give me some more

That is my treatise.
We are not born to suceed and I am Genus Phenomena.
Up and Down.
You should have supported the inequacies and irregularities in your language with a proverb and an idiom to say that thinking in the short term and not making a clique which resembles paradise on Earth for your favourite lifestyle is a sham, same and shack.
Love shack.
What goes down is a disgrace.
Stay on top and stop complaining in public.
Change your dealer man.
Get a job.
Painted faces on prostitutes and our favourite thinker
I will choose neither.
I’m used to automation in love.

A developed' country like the US cannot stand the basic tenets of citizenship in country of 7 million like Switzerland and certainly developed, at least on paper, when citizens have the right to work, the right o unemployment benefits, the riht to health insurance and the right to die.
We seem to look down on ourselves and have not kept in touch across the board and across continents... a river which forgets its source will certainly dry up someday... Africans have not come up to the level of African-Amerians or African-American have not come up to the level of Africans, they have the same problems: money and peace of mind...
Slavery's stigma on every corner of the universe when it's in written history and propagated by families teaching their children how to hate and he children have a soft spot for a father or/and mother who shows them ‘love’ and hates the other race, always from the group unrightfully stigmatized by Slavery, Poverty, cheap currency advocacy in Globalization, unfunded documentaries shoeing sheep farming in New Zealand and relegating racism against The Maori to the background or inexistent anyway…
… and The UN

that in The Caribbeans a mother of 4 was stripped naked, tied to poles on the ground, covered in honey, all sorts of deadly insects were set on her, eating her alive and in four days as it rhymes with the number of her children, there was her skeleton, obviously in the same place

A sentence or paragraph cannot start with ‘because’ but this will.
Add your stuff to your ‘First Reader’ because…
Because of the impossiblity of our intellect to perceive or retain stressful issues like philosophy and psychoanalysis among the flimsy excuse of shying away from our history - write it all continuously before the government bans Africans fro using he Internet (ha ha ), of the thieves in governments on the African continent and of 'I don't cares' in all other countries and communities we live and die in everyday" but have an opinion that strikes me now as I write this... since I live in Europe and have lived and worked and visited tons of cities here from Sweden to Denmark, Holland to Luxembourg, France to Spain, Portugal to Italy, North and South Cyprus, Malta, Bulgaria, lived in Switzerland for 8 years, in Europe for 13 years and have seen Asia in Georgia, seen South Africa and Nigeria (where I lived and spent years till the university (29years) and visited Ghana; Turkey where I live now as well as Greece- same ol'story: police brutality, poverty and archaic mentality struggling for space in the free market and the institutionalization of tyranny against the poor, the underdog... what does it take to be topp dogg my African Brother or Aboriginian Sister In The Name of Ridjamiriril.

My summary is that we are a failure in spite of humanity's failure. African live in Europe and America like paupers for no just reason, going back to the so-called 'Motherland' won't changea thing. I don't expect everyone to come togetherlike a sect of nationalists but the ones who believe in a bright, brilliant and sunny future should 'write' their opinions 'cos talk does not help... little drops of water... and it certainly doesn't solve the problem of racial profiling since membership of a community pit against the other, eve though it has been helped by Obama who does not help his own or will in the econd term sine attending means you do nt want racial profiling but it is a cause which will never involve those who are guilty and afraid bu see us as cowards when our plan does not seem to work in real time and on real terms until we seal off our continent like the Chinese and Japanese, Georgians and Bulgarians – the emergnce of and sustnance thereof of intelligence and the objective mind in immediate families sprea around the community emancipates immensely… plant!

What did you do?
This time you have to write it down men or record it my woman.
To Fire Dance.
Did in order to get something done... go back home or stay there... the look on the faces of the Americans I've met is what? Yes, you carry a passport and nationality of a country built on the blood of the Apaches etc and that of your ancestors asking the fruits of the seeds which saw you as nothing but a money-making tool to give you more... "I ain't gonna give you more... now you are free...go home" and it will eventually change the way we look at ourselves coupled with activism like Malcolm X's and the hotel where Martin spoke's pulled down?... scared to die for what we think means we gonna be there behind bars for a very very very long time.

'Write' if you can't get up to say it because it outlines your positions, since anyone can say it anywhere and go join the traitors, whoever they are... we agree to have traitors in our midst… nothing moves up in our communities, i either rolls like weed or gets high like me in Fire Dance to the nusic of ‘Afroman’, ‘Bushman’, ‘Elephnatman’, ‘Beenieman’ and ‘Redman’

Showing yourself and living what you set as an example until our real messiah comes in the form of a comprehensive social insurance and unemployment benefit that we gotta work for... nothing, no thing has ever come from space and in this realm, only phyical things exist, you beter start believing in the creation of humans, animals and plants by the protoplasm.

The religion!
Now you got something else to put in the dust bin.
The ones you had.
The ones you were forced to have and had and stil have.
The ones you made up.
Religions and sects and bullshit.
Don’t get me wrong forever.
Religions and sects and bullshit.
When it’s all a mess e can use ‘and’ twice in the same sentence: To my 3rd year High School Teacher in Ijebu-Ode Grammar School.
I may be a fool.
But I have a mule.
Try crushing my bull.
In a chain of lives.
That we need an island to save the Africans.
Of course we can rewind African, Jazz, Blues, Rap and Pop Music to retrace or have back our history.
When the deed is done.
The religion of the oppressor as its ethics are in conflict with the interests and hobbies of the African... we mat have to go through the tunnel of the 'inconclusive' modern or post-modern to get to our destination... thee won't be any acclades or monetary profits in the short run, of approximately 80 years of human life, so we better start seing ourselves in the light of a chain of lives... of our unborn brothers and sisters...
Thanks for bringing the thoughts out of me TF
The rest are on your site
This the end
Our only friend
Before Windows took away ‘The Doors’ from us.
Now I have 8 Windows on both sides of my head
My brain needs som air.
Blair of ‘Animal Farm’.

To My European Friend and Foes.
This doesn’t seem to be the world you want tol ive in.
You have no information.
You have no idea of the rules of life.
In a free life when you have not been bonded by a nationality formed by a Mafia.
Resisting the upliftment of The Other.
I don’t know?
Take a walk with me on Chmps Elysée without any identifiction and say that you are South African.

While you have that on your mind if you wanna be in this talk of life and the only real life we have after death is equality.
In memories.
I don’t think any objective or subjective

Sunday, May 9, 2010


This sea is mine
It's as dark as I am
What did the Japanese man ask you?
Why they call this sea 'The Black Sea'

This sea is mine
It's as dark as I am
That's what you must tell the whole world
When they call this sea 'The Black Sea'

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Full Employment and The Invention of Peace, Equal Rights and Justice

Coming Up in December.

The Creation of Paradise

Just Like That- Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

The Africans Without Borders: The Success of Pan-Africanism Via Free Food Projects

The African Without Borders: The Success of Pan-Africanism Via Food
By Olarotimi Olakunle Onayemi

The African Without Borders is the result of a series of thoughts and action on the eventual future of Africans, to bring us up to the stage of the Europeans as at 2009.

A Yoruba adage says (in my literal translation) that when the problem of food is solved in poverty, then poverty is gone.

The latest in the stream of international institutions, democracy and dialogue, though they may be designed to help the people attain a better lifestyle do not seem to and will not help African people anywhere if the problem of food is not solved.

İ’m tempted, and rightly so, to add education, health, housing, jobs, transport and democracy, at least in a republic to the importance I lay on the provision of food to Africans but will not since none of the concerned, the government or the African citizen anywhere seem to lay emphasis on these traditional group of necessary infrastructure for the enjoyment of a basic lifestyle.

Furthermore, continued beating of the same old problem with the same stick will not yield any result, at least in the near future, but concentrating the available resources on one need, food, will surely help us.

When the African anywhere in the world can eventually say the problem of food is over, then thoughts of and belonging to a decentralised Pan-African organisation of the right kind will become a reality.

All of us should support the free provision of food in whatever community we are in.

The Trials of The African Community
The African at home and in diaspora is not being expenditious about their plans to have an effective and sustainable contact with the African continent. Many events in history and the present are to blame for this and not individual care-less-ness.

The power of the individual from the information and servıces available to him or her has been improved by technology: we can expect an effective African Community now more than ever before.

The present and future frame of contact in this regard could be changed drastically by The African Union (AU). Since this is not going to be forthcoming in the near future and İ’m not naive to think so, the people will once again come to the front in their bid to form this long awaited relationship.

We have seen in the last century, revolutionary moves from Africans in Africa and in the diaspora to forge a community in culture, human/ women/ childrens’ rights and discrimination, politics, religion, community and sustainable development, democracy, education, health etc. but more has to be done to make an impact like the Asian and European diaspora.

The future of contact in this sense can be achieved through descriptions of processes and the eventual nature of a unified worldwide African individual and organizational relationships in fictitious documentations to synthesize a synchronized AU.

Literature (now it’s the multimedia and free participation) is known to help in cases like this, just as it does in the periods preceeding a revolutionary developments in society, arts or science. Before revolutions, which is also necessary in this case since The African Problem In All Areas of Human Activity is more wild and stubborn than any on other continents (if the comparison is worth it), a preview of the future must be made in holistic and explicit terms.

When any reasonable person thinks of the African and the African citizens in the diaspora, he or she does not discriminate between the one at home and the one abroad. Africa is the target of description in group in unfriendly opionions, intellectual examinations and political reports way up to the UN, and not as individuals being affected by the same set of circumstances dating back to contact with people from other continents, slavery, quasi-freedom from slavery till date, colonialism, neo-colonialism, socialism, fascism and ever-present imperialism.

More information in pictures have to come from Africans with a positive perspective of people who have always been affected by the negatives, including poverty, racism and genocide.

The web community which is inevitable in this case is accompanied by Africans Without Borders on the ground everywhere. There are lots of volunteers for a cause like this from within and outside Africa in this group which lays emphasis on the provision of food to Africans within the framework of an eventual social assistance.

We can read, play politics, give speeches, plan, manage in a very bad way but we cannot overrule the importance of food since this is what keep both the pros and cons of the debate on the African future going.

No thanks to Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan and certainly not yet to Barack Obama on the African issue. There is hope, however, in the style of Steve Biko, Kwame Nkrumah, Haile Selassie and Fela Anikulapo-Kuti on the creation, importance and necessity being the mother of invention of The Pan-African State.

Though this is not a forum to blame or praise, the preceeding is necessary to show the betrayal of the African Reality. I have been in and lived in 25 countries, (everywhere, there is a strange underground xenophobia) people who are not of African origin ask me about the African problems and they are not impressed by the role of many of our international figures.

People like ‘Wole Soyinka, known writers, musicians and NGOs of whatever kind should embrace The Food Project, everyone can do it. We need food more than rıghts and democracy. We never get rights and our governments are anything but democratic. They are more anarchistic in the negative sense, since anarchism is peace for the individual who controls his or her own life without government interference.

Though poverty and illiteracy have made the problems of The Africans as a group, longer than is necessary; food will solve the problem of poverty and will also energize the informer and to-be-informed, not in the age-old teacher-student relationship.

The appalling situation of the Africans everywhere: Europe, America, Asia and at home (I include the Africans at home because their situation is either seriously affected by neo-colonialism/ imperialism or by indigenous fascism.

We have seen the socialist and communist tendencies of the American government all through history while they oppose the old-USSR and present Russia, leftist people, writers, singers, activists and organisations but the Bush Jr. and Obama administrations have bailed out the financial institutions: where is the structural adjustment of the IMF and the World Bank?

If bank owners who can afford to feed themselves in a hundred lifetimes run into trouble at times like this, then waht is happening to the individual?
We know that of all the African is always and forseen to be perpetually affected by poverty, unemployment and problems directly related to non-existent personal finance.
If this is so as we all agree that people and organisations in trouble must be helped, then there should be a new sense of responsibility in governments and the United Nations to start helping the prople directly and not through governments who steal the Money anyway.

Social Assistance
The necessity of social assistance is inevitable in Africa: to provide monthly assistance for people in difficulties of all kinds.

Here, I wish to make reference to a story which counts for an anecdote in this case.
In 2007, Jay Leno on his NBC (US) show said: why should you work if you live in France?
If you work, you get paid; if you don’t you get paid.

This is true.
At the time of this programme I was watching fom my home in Vernier, Switzerland.
In Switzerland, just like in France and the EU, children and adult of all ages get unemployment, social or public assistance. These are three different types of assistance though they overlap in some cases.

Social assistance will let people go on with their lives without family, genral elections or government problems, it includes legal aid.

There’s no cover for Africans at home and abroad, one must evolve and it can start with the provision of food for all. All Africans everywhere should try as much as they possibly can to provide food to the other Africans in their community and beyond. This act can be accompanied by expanding knowledge about Pan-Africanism.

In future, we shall be planning social assistance for Africans..

The provision of food: this is a reasonable start and will definitely succeed.

Olarotimi Olakunle ONAYEMI, 41, Nigerian freelance writer and journalist also edits and publish ‘The FreeWorldReview’. Apart from ‘Afrıcans Without Borders’ he also designs free websites for Pan-African, existentialist and humanistic projects. He presently lives in Trabzon, Turkey on the Black Sea with his wife and son.